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The Technical Committee is responsible for maintaining the RISC-V ISA. This includes maintenance of specifications, errata, future enhancements, and any technical activities necessary to promote or enable the technology. The charter of the committee is to promote a coherent, usable specification and make available either directly or indirectly a set of collateral materials to promote the use of the RISC-V ISA.

RISC-V ISA Specification Ratification Process
Any proposed release or revision of RISC-V ISA or related specifications shall follow the governance process detailed in the RISC-V Foundation Bylaws section 5.5 (shown below),

Committee Reports shall be made publicly available online via the RISC-V website ( for external comments and discussion for at least forty-five (45) days before the Board votes on the Committee Reports. The Committee Reports forwarded to the Board shall include a document with the Committee's response to issues raised by Committee members who voted against such Committee Report and by any dissenting public comments.

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